Don't Talk, Just Get It Done!

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"This whole grass-root activism of yours isn't changing the world, it's a joke. Wanna change the world, you got to leave the living room" - From #Continuum.

Or by extension the conference room or wherever it is you are continually preaching your stuff. 'LOL' I know I just ruined a wonderful quote. Just couldn't resist.

I have seen this first hand on quite a number of occasions. Which conference won't we attend? How many motivational speeches won't we applaud? And yet we are always at square one. Let's collaborate on something, anything, so long as it isn't just talking up plans with no execution in sight.

The number of amazing ideas shared in a presentation in class just got me wondering about this really important topic. It's my hope that the many teams that gave very brilliant presentations implement them.

My team is getting it done. Get it done too!

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